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to address the fallout from the failure to avoid going over the so-called fiscal cliff. the dow jones industrial today losing seven points, s&p, nasdaq up fractionally. president obama returned to the white house after a three day trip to -- through southeast asia with stops in cambodia, thailand, and burma. the president takes part in a yearly presidential tradition. the parting of the national thanksgiving turkey in the rose garden. the prime minister of israel reiterating tonight that the cease-fire deal has been reached he told reporters that israel will take whatever action is necessary to defend its people but stated a diplomatic resolution would be preferred. joining as, fox is national-security analyst, former ambassador to the united nations. let me turn to you first. is it your sense that a deal has been reached between hamas and israel? >> because israel has accomplished the objectives, take out the missiles in gaza. we think this is all about israel and hamas and gaza. it's about israel having the ability six months down the road said, if it feels it needs to, take a preem
to the .. tre's all sorts of discussion on the fiscal cliff. president obama and speaker boehner are probably more willing to compromise, but their caucuses and their parties are very entrenched. i don't think we know what's going to happen out of this. >> woodruff: we certainly don't. nathan gonzales of the rothenberg political report, thank you for coming back to talk to us. >> thank you so much. >> brown: now that new york and new jersey have been hit by two destructive storms in less than two years, there's new urgency to questionsbout steps to better protect the region. hari sreenivasan is back with that story, part of our series on "coping with climate change." how are we doing in here? sreenivasan: ronnie forester has been working every day to put his statten island house back together again before christmas. forester's home was elevated but it wasn't high enough to save it from sandy. >> well, my house is six feet off the ground. we have four feet of water on our living floor. so you figure at least ten feet of water from where we stand now. imagine going into your house and everythin
to move boehner and obama forward on a fiscal cliff deal? >> crossed fingers. i hope so. short enough? >> boehner wants to keep his job as speaker so he has to deal with his caucus. and whether or not his caucus will be going -- ready to go along with a significant amount of compromise, obviously, you know, remains to be seen. >> i think politically they saw what happened 2 1/2 weeks ago. i think they'll be in a mood to compromise. >> let's go around the table, bob. start it off. what are you thankful for on this thafg day? >> i'm thankful i still have some twinkies in the house. thankful, truthfully, the economy is getting better so my daugter who just graduated from college may be able to work. >> thankful for my family. it's a family affair in my house. my husband, john liebowitz, at night he's been a cranberry sauce-making maniac. so this is for you. >> oh, thank you is so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> liebowitz cranberry sauce. >> thankful for my family, at home and extended and a country in which we have talk about our differences. >> i'm thankful i won't go hungry this thanks
and spending cuts that make up the fiscal cliff ab isn't offsetting changes would pose a substantial threat to the recovery. >> the central bank chief urged the government and congressional leaders to take prompt action. president obama is negotiating for a resolution with republicans but bernanke says delays in reaching an agreement would raise uncertainty over the u.s. economic outlook. he added avoiding a fiscal cliff is essential for the american economy. bernanke says a plan for resolving the nation's longer term budgetary issues without harming recovery could make 2013 a very good year for americans. japan's trade balance for october sank into the red for a fourth straight month. exports plunged due to slowdown in the global economy and tensions over disputed islands with china. finance ministry officials released preliminary figures shortly before the financial markets opened. last month's deficit came to about $6.7 billion. exports fell by 6.5% from a year earlier. that's in yen terms. japan's exports have fallen for five months in a row. cars and steal led the drop last month. impo
through the fact we had an election and they lost. they still think that they're going to repeal obama care and john boehner, if he seriously thinks it's up for negotiations in this fiscal cliff talks has to be crazy. out of his mind if president obama or democrats have a reason to give up on something that the american people approved. it is just not going to happen. they need to move on. >> zachary, one thing about the fiscal cliff, because there are certain rumors, whispers, that is, from senator like patty murray who says that they would be willing to see the country go off the fiscal cliff. are there benefits to watching everybody go over? >> well, look. this like the debt ceiling is a created, dramatic target date. meaning, it is true that all of these things would happen if january 1 comes and for the entirety of 2013 neither congress nor the president agrees on any changes and then the forecasts of the consequences of these -- >> the sun comes up on january 1st. right? >> it still does and then $4,000, $5,000 hit to middle class families and only true if a year passes with this
bernanke is pushing for a compromise on the fiscal cliff. in a speech tuesday he said if president obama and congress can resolve the crisis unemployment would go down and the economy would grow. falling oil prices and an announcement that hewlett packard is taking a $9 billion write down. the dow lost just over seven points while the nasdaq was mostly unchanged. shares of home builders rallied on news that home construction jumped in october to a four year high. construction of apartment buildings was especially strong up 10%. and it looks like hostess's twinkie is cooked. the snack maker failed to reach mediation session. on monday a bankruptcy judge asked the two sides to meet. no agreement in place the judge will decide today if the maker of ho-ho, ding dongs and wonder bread can shut down their operations. hopefully other companies will swoop in and make those treats. >> it ain't over. you can't hold the twinkie down. >> i'm not sharing. >> ashley morrison here in new york. in sports this morning the lakers get a new coach and get a win. mike d'antoni made his debut as the lakers ne
cliff sooner rather than later, otherwise the nation will return to recession. the obama administartion formally proposed new rules on healthcare, including requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions and minimum health benefits for millions. and in earnings after hours, salesforce.com rallied on better-than-expected news, while the zale fell 10% as the company lost some shine on earnings. larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us now. those reports larry of cease-fire coming out of israel really rocked the oil market yesterday. what do you anticipate for today? > > i anticipate the trend to continue. keep in mind, before we had this cease-fire, a month ago, there was a big downward trend in the oil price. so i just expect that momentum to continue. refinery margins are really high, there is a lot of supply. i expect oil to continue to lower in price. > > what about greece? will we be able to get any closure there with the bailout money? > > i think the only way we are going to get closure is when people are willing to forgive and write down their debt, because that is the only way i
thing we have paid attention to is not just whether or not the fiscal cliff is dealt with, it is also what actual changes are made. while obama said there's a potential for reaching a conclusion, there are no politicians in washington right now, this is where you want to be more defensive with your equity plays. staples has had a correction, looking for some companies with good, strong dividend growth. that is where you want to place your money during volatile times. lauren: i think it is down 4% per year. you also like a lot of the staples because even in a bad economy, they brush their teeth and wash their hair, right? yoyou're big into staples? >> yes. there'll be companies that can survive any battle. like johnson & johnson or kellogg's or gillette because they will still brush their teeth, by staple groceries, that kind of thing. they will survive, most of the companies are looking for to feather your nest so to speak to whether more volatile times. david: let's go to tony for a second. retired folks have been killed, tired folks more than anybody else our safety betters. in fact
can falling off the fiscal cliff. president obama seems reluctant. >> it is difficult to see how you make up trillion just by closing loop holes and deductions. the math tends not to work. >> when it comes to taxes, republicans and democrats agree that the current federal tax code is broken and both sides recognize the importance of closing aggregious tax loop hole that is pick winners and losers. tax reform that eliminates tax wasteful preferences to generate revenue will bring efficienciy to the tax system. >> brian: who has the right approach. james freeman. james, i like deadlines and. >> it makes the mind. >> brian: find a cure. president wants to raise upward 35 to 39 percent and republicans say cap the deductions is better? >> clearly if you could simplify the tax code and get rid of deductions without raising rates on investment in particular that is the least economically detructive way to get more money. >> brian: if you cap at $50,000. and you make two million and you choose what you write off and you cap it and get close to a trilionn in savings over 10 years. >> the math
's pocketses to stimulate the economy. president bush sent taxpayers a refund check while obama has cut payroll taxes. p falling off the cliff is a reversal of that approach. that's why the cbo estimates economic growth would drop under 1% to just .5%. and unemployment could jump over a point to 9.1%. heather, we know the costs, we understand this game because the republicans have been playing it for a while. do you think anything has shifted post-election in way that will actually get a deal done? >> i think what's really come to roost for conservatives has been the fact they were pushing a vision for our economy that included basically just this, except for the tax increases, right. they said starting in 2010, the deficit is the most important thing, it's the most important thing, and now, they're basically faced with immediate deficit reduction and realize, oh, this is actually going to cost jobs in the near term. the majority of the american people want deficits and jobs are going head to head which they are, if you're cutting spending an raising taxes particularly on the people who spend t
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continuing to take down for congress and president obama to make a deal to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. 40 days. our next guest says everyone should be preparing. no matter what changes are coming in 2013, well manager and president and founder joins me now. let's talk about this. i am sure many of your clients are coming in to you right now and saying we have got to do something, what we going to do? what do you tell them? >> absolutely. everybody wants to know what do we do and what is going to happen? if they don't come to an agreement we will all feel this. right there. [talking over each other] >> it is just a kleenex. the reality is when my clients come and i want to share with them a couple things we can control in our lives the coming weekend. taxes and that we are not going to control so let's look at the positives and control what we can control. if we have positives in the portfolio and gains i tell my clients to harvest those gains. if you doing many rebalance, some of my clients want to go on trips to italy, i am going to harvest that $10,000 and put it aside and a 15% on
cliff. >> that was president obama outlining his tax plans for small businesses across the nation. here with us now administrator of the small business administration karen mills. great to see you and have you on the show. >> when the president says 97% of small businesses won't see their taxes go up, is he talking about businesses that file as small businesses? individuals that own small businesses, obviously, will see their taxes go up, right? >> no. he's talking about businesses that file as individual pass throughs. 97% of them will not see their taxes go up if we are able to, right now, get together and do what small businesses really want, which is make a deal. they want certainty. i've heard you say this actually, joe, be often, you know in the last year, small businesses want to know they can move ahead with get more sales and actually that's what i'm going to talk about today, which is, we have small business saturday. >> how do we define a small business? first of all, official small business designation. >> is under 500 people. but there are different categories. if you have
not want to do this. this was not my choice. >> maybe obama make in the fiscal cliff on void. >> i heard he did. >> this is important. to bridge that sort of -- take a step. better internal lead, but i want to go back. we have to be more outs were focused. we have given up engaging in africa and around the globe. all the customers are out there, income growth is out there. having those helps us in defense issues and other things. we're not doing that now. >> the easiest place to go for republican support renewal adjustments. so maybe we get it right. >> what with the american renewal agenda beast comprised of? >> us negotiate the first trade agreement in over four years. the first president not to negotiate a trade agreement. he got through in his fourth year. >> south korea. >> those were negotiated. >> negotiated by the previous administration, but the bottom line is we have an opportunity right now in europe and asia to knock down barriers caught tariff and non-tariff barriers, overwhelming support. i think it would have been tougher during the first term. i understand the politics, but
republican counterparts, here's speaker boehner on an editorial on the fiscal cliff. he makes it very clear that the battle over obama care is far from over. he says, quote, the tactics of our repeal efforts will have to change. we need to repeal obama care and enact common sense, step by step reforms that start with lowering the cost of health care. clearly speaker boehner hasn't quite accepted the fact that the president was re-elected by an overwhelming majority. nope, is he right back to defending the 1% and corporate welfare at the expense of none other than the middle class. for more, we go to joy reid, managing either of grio.com and jared bernstein. welcome to you both. >> nice to be here. >> earlier we asked you to come up with a figure, because you know i have -- like a dog with a bone on this. we asked you to come up with a figure how much corporate welfare per year is dolled out. what did you find out? >> from the tax policy center, nonpartisan, highly reliable group, $150 billion in tax expenditures that favor corporations in 2012. so, there's your number. >> now, if i'm not mi
in the middle east. we'll have reports from across the region. >>> warning president obama and congress, if we go over the fiscal cliff there is no stopping the damage. >>> superstorm sandy is still having an impact. this time on thanksgiving travelers. >>> we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> seeing the rockets back and forth as this conflict has been escalating. this is a new level of violence. >> in tel aviv a bomb rips through a city bus. >> comes after a week of attacks between the israeli defense forces and palestinians in gaza. >> efforts to end the fighting between israel and hamas so far have come up short. >> the rocket attacks on israeli towns must end. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton met with palestinian leaders this morning as talks continue to end the blood shed. >> at this stage nobody really knows. >>> millions of americans head out to their thanksgiving destinations. >> it is game on for more than 43 million americans hitting the roads. >> more than 3 million of us are expected to fly to our destinations t
on monday. last friday% obama met to discuss a plan for avoiding the fiscal cliff. [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon. my name is glenn hutchins. a vice-chairman networking spirit of i'd like to welcome everybody here today. congressman oxley, great pleasure to see you. i've got to cut our remarks on sarbanes-oxley now. it is my great pleasure to welcome my colleague and friend, bob greifeld, cto of nasdaq to brookings. there's no doubt he's a successful business executive under his two valued brookings has increased by a factor of four. six dollars per share to $25 per share. gone up to 1.7 million. cash from 800 million major and is taken over the niche market in the united states and made it one of the most important global markets. 10 clearinghouses around the world. that is the facts. those are very straightforward and he is a track record to be proud of. the market he is built, however, is the reason why we've asked them to be here today. the nasdaq stock market list 3200 companies around the world. its great strength is to list the world's most important technology companies
on the fiscal cliff, with presents -- >> hopefully not coal in the stockings of boehner and obama. >> is he ringing the bell? >> the executive producer of the macy's thanksgiving parade is here to do the honors. i assume santa will be joining her. >> in television that's what we call a get, if you can book that guy. >> look at him. >> bring on the rally, i guess, traders are saying to him. >> i know whose lap i'm sitting on later, i'll tell you that. >> really? wow. >> all right. >> all right. who will rule the last trading day before thanksgiving? the bulls or the bears? coming up next, art cash on what he's expecting from the matters as we count down to the closing bell. >>> boston market on the business of thanksgiving. much more "squawk on the street" straight ahead. nobody said an inkjet had to be slow. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed,
how the democracy influences other countries. >>> well, ben bernanke is pushing both the obama administration and congress to reach a deal on how to avoid tax increases and spending cuts in that so-called fiscal cliff. bernanke says without a new deal, the fiscal cliff could trigger a recession next year. the congress has to act by january 1st m order to avoid the -- in order to avoid the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. >>> san francisco's board of supervisors has approved an ordinance they say will better track the bedbug problem. thesupporters of the ordinance say this will help chart direction of the bedbugs in the city. the san francisco health department received 370 complaints about bedbugs in 2010. >>> uc berkely out of thousands of dollars of computer equipment this morning after the latest burglary on campus. police say someone broke into a locked video lab in northgate hall sunday night and the suspect stole ten apple computers worth $23,000. >>> for two very special turkeys, this day before thanksgiving is a big day in washington, d.c. i understand stood every
the constituents, this is one of the choices -- >> maybe obama ought to make clinton the fiscal cliff envoy. >> i heard he did, so, you know -- [laughter] >> but -- >> this is important, to bridge that sort of standing and staring at each other. take the step. veteran internal leadership, but, secondly, i want to go back to what bob said. we have to be more outward focused. i mean, we have given up engaging in africa and armed the globe and all the customers out there, all the income growth's out there. having those ties helps us in defense issues and other things, and we're not doing that now. part -- >> easiest place for public support for america for the agenda. >> that's the way to do it. >> get it right -- >> what would that be compromised of? >> negotiate the first tread agreement in over four years. president obama's the first president not to negotiate a trade agreement. >> no, no, those were gorgeted -- >> well -- >> negotiated by the previous administration, got through, and bottom line is we have an opportunity right now, in europe and asia, to knock down barriers, non-tariff barriers,
. >>> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is pushing congress and the obama administration to reach an agreement of tax increases and spending cuts in the so-called fiscal cliff. without a deal the fiscal cliff could trigger a recession next year and congress must act by january 1st in order to avoid that automatic tax increase and spending cuts. >>> time is 6:15. a new stumbling block for hillary clinton's chances to reach a middle east cease fire. a bus explosion in tel aviv. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom. alison. >> reporter: dave, we received a statement from the white house within the past hour calling the attack on innocent civilians outrageous. israelis say it was a terrorist attack the bus bombing in tel aviv hurt at least 18 people. three seriously. hamas praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. secretary of state hillary clinton who is in egypt at this hour also issued a statement saying the u.s. strongly condemns the attack and ready to provide any assistance that israel requires. secretary clinton is is calling for a truth and longer t
.s. example can influence other countries. >>> ben bernanke is pushing congress and the obama administration to work out an agreement on the deal to avoid tax hikes and spending cuts. bernanke says without a deal, the fiscal cliff could trigger a recession next year. congress has to act by january 1st in order to avoid the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton's efforts to help broke aerocease fire in the united states is fading -- breaker a cease fire in the united states is fading. >>> there are reports this hour that israelis are stepping up air strikes in gaza in retaliation for this bus explosion in tel aviv. israelis are calling it a terrorist attack that hurt at least 18 passengers anaphia bystanders. hamas praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. secretary of state hillary clinton who was in egypt just issued a statement saying the u.s. strongly condemns the attack and ready to provide assistance that israel requires. secretary clinton is calling for a cease fire but also trying to negotiate a longer term solution. >> the goal must
. a second term for president obama means tax increases are much more likely. gerri: thank you for breaking it down for us. happy thanksgiving. >> you as well. gerri: the fiscal cliff to be 41 days away, but thanksgiving is today's from now. they have not bought your rkey, you may want to get on that. if you remember how much was spent last year, it is about the same. the average cost of thankiving dinner will be just under $50. up $0.28 from last year. the reason for that increase, e price of a turkey more than 3% higher than last year. due to the drought in the midwest this summer increasing the price of turkey feed and will probably go even higher next year. if you a serving dinner rolls this year, they're up more than 1%hanks to a rise in wheat prices and a supply shortage a result. mainly because the drought did not really impact idaho. you cannot have thanksgiving nner without stuffing. the prepackaged cubes, almost 4% less this year. if you want with cream, that will save you the most thanks to falling dairy prices. may not be good for your waistline but at least it won't hurt your b
over and they wouldn't actually do that as obama threatened to throw us off a cliff year ago in august and didn't. >> we weren't going to get the negotiations required to sail off of the fiscal cliff. >> there's the tax hike romney's question i consider them very different projects. obama is trying to put them together. the same way he wants you to -- what i hear is that one or all of them will be sailing off january 1st and the quit jumping medicare because they get 30% less i believe the member is the payroll taxes go up which weeks all the people of that have never heard of the sequester. i am having a very difficult time visualizing with what february looks like when the press gets a hold of this and then all of a sudden we also have the debt limit. i just can't see what we are going to do. >> the debt limit is an additional tool to explain to obama that he isn't the king and like henry viii you have to go to the parliament for money. he might want to nationalize monastery's but i don't think he can get as much these days as back then with that approach so he has to go to the parli
on the economic outlook and the so- called fiscal cliff. then president obama's campaign manager reviews the election. later a discussion of campaign reform and school choice. >> there are many people who might even take issue with grant saving the union during the civil war. didn't linkedin do that? he did it -- didn't lincoln do that? he did, but he was not the only person. grant was the general who accepted the surrender of the army of northern virginia under robert e. lee that ended the war, so if anyone who won the war on the battlefield, if you could say any one person did, and of course you cannot, but one of the things we do in history is we generalize, because his three is too complicated to get our heads around if we deal with it in its complexity, so grant save the union during the civil war. i do intend rat saved the country during reconstruction as well. >> hw brands on the life of ulysses grant, part of the four- day holiday weekend starting thursday on c-span 2. >> defense secretary leon panetta looks at how budget cuts could affect the pentagon. we spoke tuesday evening a
position. that said i'm encouraged by the reelection of president obama and certainly for the leadership that leader pelosi has given and will continue to give. we will need their leadership as the president must quickly face the challenge of his second term, avoiding this fiscal cliff. in august of 2011 congress passed the budget control act which threatened automatic spending cuts if congress failed to come up with a planned deficit reduction by 2013. these cuts are what we refer to as sequestration. this would mean an across the board cut of between 7% and 10% of all defense and non-defense federal spending irrespective of policy or its impact on everyday people. these cuts would be absolutely devastating to our national and local economies. our -- show that sequestration will reduce federal funding direct to san francisco by at least 26.5 million dollars a year, every single year. we would see over $5 million of cut to education, and almost $3 million of cuts from public housing. san francisco's allocation of medicare would be cut by $2 million. funding for the wic workforce program
obama ought to make bill clinton a fiscal cliff envoy. >> i heard he did. >> but this is important. to bridge that sort of standing and staring at each other. take a step, first of all better in falluja. but secondly i want to go back to what bob said. we have to be more outward focus. we have given up engaging in africa, and around the globe. all the customers at the. all the income growth are out there, having those ties helps us in defense issues and other things. and we're not doing that now. >> the easiest place to get republican support -- >> that's how you do it. >> so maybe, to get a ride on an outward looking -- >> what would an american renewal agenda be comprised of? >> let's negotiate the first trade agreement in over four years. president obama is the first president not to negotiate a trade agreement. he got through in his fourth year -- >> he did negotiate south korea. >> those were negotiated -- >> they were negotiated by the previous administration. at the bottom line is we have an opportunity right now in europe and asia to knock down barriers, tariffs and nontari
's get the cameras in there. obama ran for president 2008 promising this. stuart: yes he did. >> he wants to put the fiscal cliff negotiations on c-span, good idea. that was grover norquist in our last hour. he wants more transparency in the congressional talks. check the big board, not much going on, up 18 points on very low volume. i want to turn to a specific stock, sales force.com, the software company. it is way up. i want to know why. nicole: we're talking about cloud computing. i mean you know the phrase, right, and everybody has been talking about it, and now sales force involved with this. you can see here up 7%. at the same time, they had results that beat analyst expectations so the stock is up 6.7% right now. a great day for sales force.com. stuart: got it. thank you very much. california continues to push the green agenda. a carbon credit auction sells out. the state forces automakers to build zero emission cars. and remember, the president obama he won california by 20 points. mike reagan got that right. listen to this. >> does president obama win california by 10 points or
to be able to get done between the house republicans and president obama? >> well -- >> what's likely to be done to avert -- and will we avert the fiscal cliff? >> you will create $400 billion worth of revenue and avoid $100 billion of expenses, you know. you'll figure that out. >> you get to revenue how? >> you would get the revenue by implementing the higher tax rates for higher income people. and you would say that you're going to address tax reform in march or april or june and -- >> what do you think the house would agree to? 500,000? up two points? that's the latest thing they're talking about. >> something of that order. >> 500,000. >> i think it's the wrong approach. >> i do too. but we've got to do something. >> and if you say the framework is we're going to address on the broader issue of the tax code, if we do that later, what makes that happen? you said we've been kicking the can down the road for two years. the fiscal cliff was supposed to be the gun at their heads to make this happen by now. >> i think they'll agree -- they'll have to agree on how much revenue they're go
cliff and taking your calls. we want to point out some other news going on in the world. here's the front page of the boston globe this morning -- clinton was dispatched by president obama to israel and is meeting today with egyptian officials and palestinian officials as well. the headline from the tribune -- late tuesday night clinton met with benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem and plans to go to the west bank on wednesday. clinton is preparing to step down early next year. one story this morning, some breaking news from jerusalem. this is according to a dap. really rescue services said there have been explosions on a bus across the military headquarters in tel aviv. the agency says at least 10 people were injured in wednesday's blast. the explosion comes amid an ongoing israeli operation rollers.aza's hamas so, more information on that incident probably coming later today. but we are taking your calls this morning on your confidence in the economy, your thoughts on the fiscal cliff, and how you are preparing for that. marc is from 0 highfill on our independent line. -- from oh
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